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Australian Premier 
Islander the Musical


Islander is an awarding winning musical recently closed off Broadway in New York City. 

There is a girl. She stares out to sea and dreams of a new life beyond her lonely island.

Myth and reality collide when the tide washes a mysterious stranger onto her beach. 

Islander’s music and story transports you on a magical journey combining a contemporary Scottish folk/pop-inspired score and epic storytelling. 

Islander the musical is coming to Brisbane to create a world of amazing characters, live-mixing and layering voices, harnessing looping technology to create a dazzling and unexpected soundscape

Audition Information!

We are looking for Two female presenting actors to play a total of 26 Characters who inhabit the Scottish island of Kinnan. Actors can be of any ethnicity or background. Auditions will be held in Brisbane, Queensland on the 8th and 9th of October.

Please Prepare:

1-2mins of a song of similar style (musical preferred), please refer the Spotify Playlist for style reference. Please bring Backing tracks to the audition.

A short scene will be emailed to you when your audition slot is confirmed. 

Scottish accents will be taught but a baseline would be preferred


Monday and Wednesday evenings 

Saturday afternoons

Download the preliminary rehearsal and Show Schedule Here:

Character info:

Actors will need strong comedic acting and characters abilities

Actor 1

Ranges from EILIDH, 15, Youngest of Kinnan to BREAGHA, 22, and 41 weeks pregnant and Various Elderly Islanders up to late 60's

Actor 2

Ranges from ARRAN 16, mysterious girl appeared on the island to an eccentric DJ and Eilidh's GRAN of 83.


“Transfixing and Magical”   Islander the musical is the Winner of Musical Theatre Review’s Best New Musical at Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

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