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May - June 2021

An unmissable world premiere production.

A powerhouse Australian ensemble cast bring to life six generations of the
Gould family, as they learn to love by any means necessary, from post-World War II Brooklyn to the present day...

Against the Wall was nominated for Two Matilda Awards for 2021 & 2022.

Best Independent Production - Nomination

Best Emerging Artist - WINNER!

ATW photo landscape 1200x628 feat Mathew Alec Costin artwork by Isabel Kruse.png


Released August 2021

People have evolved to rely on the internet to keep us entertained with endless content but with the internet come anonymity and a sense of security some use to torment others online.

But what happens when cryptid predators evolve to use this technological dependence against the keyboard warriors who hide in the dark! Be careful who are you are online.

Effigy, an Multi-Award Winning horror short written by Connor Clarke.



September - October, 2019

Passion Production presented the Australian premiere of the internationally award winning Musical, Daddy Long Legs. Jerusha Abbort school essays takes the interest of a mysterious benefactor, who chooses to sponsor her to go to college to further her talents. The condition: every month she must send a letter, detailing her college life and learning pursuits, to her benefactor.

Jerusha Abbort – Ella Macrokanis
Jervis Pendelton – Shaun Kohlman

Director – Connor Clarke
Movement Director – George Canham
Musical Director – Sean Fagan

The 2019 Production at the Brisbane Power House received two Matilda Award Nominations for Best Musical and Best Emerging Artist.